Tire Specification

Diameter: 29.1″   Rim Width: 7″ ( 6.5″ to 8.5″ )   Tread Width: N/A
Max Inflation: 50 psi   Section Width: 9.4″   Weight: N/A
Max Load (Dual): N/A   Tread Depth: 10/32″   Ply Rating: N/A
Revs Per Mile: 715/mi.            


  • BAZ Technology™ helps increase stability and responsiveness on the highway by maintaining the tire’s shape at high speeds.

  • Tread compounds derived from our ultra-high performance sports car tires provide exceptional wet grip and industry leading industry dry grip.

  • The choice of such preeminent SUV and Crossover manufacturers as VW, Porsche and BMW.


  • High-Speed Confidence. (Exceeding the safe legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.)
  • Excellent Wet Grip, Outstanding Dry Grip.
  • Chosen by Some of the World’s Best Vehicle Manufacturers.